Immigration a Major Strength for U.S. Economy

Thankfully the U.S. have the most immigrants in the world – 46.6 million people, almost 4 times the next highest country (Germany at 12 million).  This is the main factor offsetting our below-replacement birth rate.  Here are the numbers from immigration services – over 577,000 people granted permanent residence.  Other countries are not as fortunate.

We still have a relative shortage of skilled and highly educated workers.

Illinois is benefiting from this statistic, however, more evidence indicates state mismanagement and higher taxes are driving out some of the most productive residents. However, the possibility of adopting a “progressive” tax is accelerating the trend.

China is reporting its lowest birthrate since becoming a communist country in 1949.  20% of the population is over 60 and there are 60 million more men in China than women.