Engaging (and Recruiting) the Next Generation

By Torrey and Gray | July 28, 2017

They are here – Millennials may comprise more than 50% of the workforce by 2020.  Unemployment is continuing to inch down.  What are you doing to prove to Millennials that you are worthy to have them come work for you?  One small public accounting firm chronicles an innovative (well, it has been around for at least 25 years) way to  increase career awareness at the high school level.  Before the Big 4 campus recruit away all the top talent, before their name brand is all students see at campus recruiting events, before they even decide to NOT pursue a degree…

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Get ready for Wage Increases

By Torrey and Gray | July 7, 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an increase in Temporary Staffing and a relatively low unemployment rate of 4.4% (only 2.4% for college level education required positions).  Overall penetration of temporary staffing in the workforce is remaining above 2% and is expected to continue to rise. All of these factors will at some point lead to wage increases.  Wage increases to keep employees, wage increases to lure top talent away from their current employer.  It has taken a very long time, but employers of all sizes are beginning to realize that it may take a little more compensation to attract…

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How Will You Differentiate Yourself for Career Success?

By Torrey and Gray | June 1, 2017

Here is a good article from my colleague Crystal Blackwell.  Click Here to read her article.

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