Biggest Hiring Mistakes Companies Make

As reported in today’s Wall Street Journal, even though the common measurement of “time to hire” is among the most closely monitored by companies, that time has been steadily increasing for nearly 10 years. Another metric often tracked is “cost of hire.” Often, less consideration is given to measuring recruiting strategy overall success in terms of quality of hire, longevity of hire, or other long term measurements.

In our opinion, an objective observation of technical skills is a must, but a greater factor in measuring long term hiring success lies in an evaluation of a fit for “subjective criteria,” such as personal motivations, values, communication empathy, etc.

Yes, time to hire can be important, but what if you hire the wrong person? The long term opportunity cost of hiring the wrong person can be staggering, even fatal to businesses. Less than 25% of all companies track whether their hiring process results in good employees.

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