Cost of South Korea Winter Olympics

Which recently built structure is estimated to cost nearly $29 Million per use?  Answer: The Pyeonqchang Olympic Center in South Korea.  With the 2018 Winter Olympics starting next week, it is that time when the topic of the cost of hosting the Olympics arises.  This new open air arena has no future projected use after the Olympics and will be torn down, so with four events planned, the $116 Million price tag averages close to $30 Million per event.  For more information on the stadium Click Here.

The Olympics, which begin Feb. 9, will cost South Korea about $13 Billion which is far and away much more than the seven to eight billion the country projected as the overall cost when they won their bid to host back in 2011.

The Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre, which could see some continued use, will cost over $5 Million per year to maintain alone.