Cryptocurrencies are headed into the Classroom, oh and did we mention Wall Street too?

A recent article in The Journal of Accountancy highlighted the demand for education and training in the field of cryptocurrencies.   Still far from mass adoption, crypto and the related blockchain based technologies springing up constantly are going to forever change the world we live in.  There is so much happening right now in regards to blockchain, privacy, immutability of records placed into blockchains, it really is an exciting time for some, and a terrifying time for others.

In order to remain relevant in the education marketplace, schools must begin introducing these concepts if they have not already begun doing so.

As crypto increasingly becomes accepted as payment for goods and services, those who simplify the user interface experience will see tremendous growth. One example is Verge (XVG) currency being adopted by MindGeek, a company that controls 12% of worldwide internet traffic.  Verge is now accepted as payment and other companies are also announcing partnerships in rapid succession.

Another example is Siren Labs, who are beginning to produce security focused  smartphones and desktop computers with features specifically designed to work with blockchain technology.  The “Finny” smartphone is expected to be available beginning in Q4 2018.

For the full article in The Journal of Accountancy, Click Here

Also, the New York Stock Exchange recently announced they intend to open a crypto trading service. Read the full New York Times article here: